Our Equipment

Use the same gear as our streamers!

We are fans of high quality here at WeLuvGaming, and that means we game with the best gear (that we can afford sometimes).  We've been gaming for decades and with the combination of experience and gaming know-how available at our fingertips, we can pick the best stuff off the shelf.

Right now, we couldn't be happier with the combination of the Xbox One X, Xbox Elite Controller and the Astro A40 TR + Mixamp Pro TR.

Xbox One X

The latest and greatest console offering from Microsoft.  We've worked with every generation of Xbox since the original released in October, 2001, and we can easily say that Microsoft straight killed it with the Xbox One X.

With marked improvements to graphic rendering, full 4k video support, and game loading times, what else could a growing gamer ask for?  It certainly helps when it comes to running several applications simultaneously, i.e. when streaming and/or creating content.  Do yourself a favor and pick up the best console on the market!  Link below.

Xbox One Elite Controller

We can't tell you how many times we've been stuck with less than ideal precision when playing CoD, PUBG, and many other FPSs.  Well, you don't have to deal with loss of precision when you're going for that perfect headshot anymore.  The Xbox One Elite Controller is the ultimate tool in refining your game to the next level.

With programmable paddles, interchangeable joysticks and a robust charging cable, is there really any competitor?  Not to mention the Windows 10 interactive features and programmable interface.

If you wanna elevate your game, get yourself one of these controllers.  Link Below.

Astro Gaming A40 TR + Mixamp Pro TR

The best gaming headphones we've ever used, period.  After years of fighting with corded headsets and underpowered drivers, we decided to step up to the A40 TRs.

The headset provides hours of comfortable gaming, great adjustability, and featured sound enhancement modes for FPSs.

There's nothing like hearing your opponent before they hear you.  Hear them first with these awesome gaming headphones.  Link below.